About me...

I am an Avid Hobbyist Eclectic Photographer based in the Pacific Northwest.

My personal visual goal is to see with the eyes of a child. Be open to all that is around me. My favorite subjects are those scenes that are only experienced once. Things like moving water, dynamic clouds, plants, wildlife or items passing it time. Not the grand vista but the intimate landscape. Not the new but the discarded. I am constantly searching for the uncommon view within a common scene. One theme that runs through much of my work is minimalism. I am more likely to be drawn to a window or door than an entire building or a chip of paint instead of an entire car. I also connect strongly with things or places from the past - aged, decaying or simply abandoned.

I view my art as the finished product, not just the subject. I do not seek to document or replicate reality. I want my art to be interesting, evocative and thought provoking. I want to reach the viewer on an emotional level.

My post processing is pretty wide open. One limit I impose on myself is that I do not augment the content of the image to improve composition or emotional connection. What the viewer sees is what I saw. I process the image in a way that helps convey not only what I saw but felt when it was captured. At times I feel even color distracts from this goal so you will see de-saturated or monochrome works as well. I also like a softer dream like focus in some compositions and at times prefer my art to have a painterly quality.

Thank you again for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy what you see and come back often.

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