A few words about my site...

I'm glad to see you've found my web site and hope you will visit  often.

Although I will photograph anything that interests me I find myself repeatedly drawn to certain places and subjects. You might say these are the things I am passionate about so I used them to determine the structure of my galleries.

Here is what you will find in my galleries:

My Favorites  –Not the most likes or best selling. These photos are the ones I never tire of looking at. Just a glimpse of how I see the world through my lens

Feathers – I am amazed by the variety and beauty of these winged creatures. I have a special fondness for the eagles and crows.

Down To The Shore – When I need some inspiration I go down to the ocean. I always find a variety of interesting subjects there.

Forest Light – This special quality of light and shadow is quickly becoming one of my favorite subjects. I am fascinated by the tranquility these photos can evoke.

Forgotten In Time – This is my personal favorite subject. If it is old, rusted, broken or just “forgotten in time” I am all over it. If I ever figure it out I’ll let you know.

Landscapes – Most of my landscapes are not quite grand vista photos and not quite intimate landscapes. I seem to skirt both definitions and I am just fine with that. I attempt to make a more personal emotional connection to an extraction of the bigger picture.

In, Out, Up & Down – My obsession with doors, windows and stairs.

Odds & Ends – Since I have confessed to photographing anything that interests me I had to have somewhere to share those photos that just couldn’t be classified any other way.

Small Wonders – I like to walk a little slower and look a little closer. Try it and you may be amazed at what you find.

About Image Sales: All of the images on my site are available for purchase on a wide variety of high quality substrata in a variety of sizes. All orders are processed through a photo lab that I work with and trust to provide a superior quality product. That said, if you do not see what you want or have other questions please feel free to contact me directly.

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